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Grounds of Deportability: When Legal U.S. Residents Can Be Removed


It is a false belief that individuals who hold a green card have the right to be in the United States and therefore they are free from the threat of deportation. The right to remain in the United States is dependent on the individual green card holder following certain rules and avoiding certain types of legal violations. Only after the green card holder becomes a U.S. citizen, are they safe from the grounds of deport ability. A U.S. Citizen cannot be removed unless they used fraud to gain their green card or citizenship. The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets forth numerous grounds upon which a non-citizen may be deported (removed) back to the person's country of origin. It is important for any green card holder to familiarize themselves with that list.

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The Fate of Expanded DACA and DAPA


At the beginning of 2016 it looked like there would be a decision on Obama's executive actions on expanded DACA and DAPA. However, with the passing of Justice Scalia just a month later in February 2016 it seemed inevitable without the appointment of nominated Judge Merrick Garland that there would be no decision. Sure enough in June the Supreme Court deadlocked on DACA and DAPA leaving us to question what is the fate of these two executive actions now?

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What can I expect after January 20th?


With a new President changes can be assured. Since Nov 8th President-Elect Donald Trump has made statements surrounding the questions of Immigration.It is important to know what he has said, understand your status here in the US, and the steps you should be taking leading up to the January 20th to be prepared for any changes in the law that may affect you and your family.

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